Is it just me or did Summer feel like it went by way too fast this year? Here I am trying to find some time in my schedule for a beach day and then BAM there's frost on my shingles and I can't wear flip flops to the grocery store anymore. Damnit how did that happen?

Here's a list of 8 tips to make sure your house on point and ready for the upcoing snowy days, even if you and I are not quite there yet!

  1. Pull your air conditioner out of the window or sleeve. Those drafty little spots are notorious warmth stealers in the winter time!

  2. Do you have a wood burning fireplace? It’s time to call your chimney sweep in for a quick clean and inspection. Not only is it a safety issue, it’s also important to have your chimneysweep ensure the damper opens and closes securely so you don’t lose warm air out the flue when you’re not using it.

  3. Check your HVAC system! Have your furnace serviced and cleaned by a professional. This reduces the odds of an expensive emergency service call in the middle of the night if your furnace breaks down. Be sure you change your furnace filter while you’re at it so your furnace runs efficiently. Also be sure cover your central air conditioning unit and turn it off at the breaker.

  4. Check your doors and windows for drafts! By adding some new weather stripping around your exterior doors, you can save a lot of money on your gas bill. You only want to pay to heat the indoors, not the outdoors!

  5. Clean out your eavestroughs! With the leaves falling, your gutters are bound to catch a few of them. The cleaner your eavestroughs, the more effectively they work at draining away water, keeping your basement dry and preventing ice dams from ruining your roof covering.

  6. Drain your garden hoses and turn off your faucets from inside the house! Locate the interior water shut off for your outdoor faucet. Be sure to turn it off inside, open the outdoor faucet and drain it as well! This will prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting in the winter! (Pro tip: Bring your garden hoses into the garage or shed and ensure they’re completely drained as well. This prolongs their lifespan so you won’t have to buy new hoses again next spring!)

  7. Trim back all trees and bushes around your property. Make sure no branches are touching or are near your roof or powerlines.

  8. It’s a good time to test all your home safety devices while you’re working on these other little projects. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, replace the batteries if needed! This one minute chore could prove to save your family’s life.

Hopefully these tips help you not only prolong the lifespan of several of your homes important systems, but also help you save a few bucks this winter! For other winterproofing tips or if you have any home related questions, I'm always available for a chat!